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Canadian Electoral Reform

Hey guys, did you know that if we had a different system of voting in Canada, the chances are that Stephen Harper would not have gotten his Conservative majority last year? We can change that for the next election, or even just strive for more democratic elections in the future. Read this site and sign the letter! ­čÖé Like this if you did! And please pass this on.

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Look who you voted for, Canada!

When I read this out to my dad.. a strange expression appeared on his face. And then he asked (worriedly) “really?, I didn’t know what”

Well, this is why I really wish that people would research who they vote for before they do it. Instead of just voting for the guy who “looks right” for the job, or for the party they’ve always voted for.

First, a quote:

“The Alliance Church to which Harper has belonged for decades, believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth in an apocalypse, won’t ordain women, strongly opposes abortion and divorce, condemns homosexuality as the most base of sins and believes those who aren’t born-again are ‘lost'”

And now, the article to prove it:


After all of that.. I hope you are as disappointed as I am. I thought Canadian people were different. I thought we wanted change.

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Every vote… counts?

Well… I exercised my right (ahem… privilege)┬áto vote this week. I didn’t realize how disappointing it would be. After the election results came in, I sat in front of the t.v. with a surprisingly frustrating feeling bubbling up inside of me. Why.. after careful research and consideration to all of the party’s platforms.. after taking the time to read the newspaper every single day, and to keep up with the polls and other news on the campaigns..WHY, after all of that, did my vote not count?

See..I know that as soon as I say this, everyone says takes the moment to tell me in a condescending voice that “every vote counts”. Well I am going to explain why my vote did not┬ácount.

Where I live, there are a lot of religious people. There are churches for every single thing you can think of.. and you can barely drive 5 minutes down the road without passing 8 of them. I, however, have never set foot in a church in my entire life unless it was to take pictures or receive a history lesson. So there is a slight disadvantage to where I live, because people who go to church.. tend to swing to the right when they vote. However, I had it in my head that the mass amounts of young voters that I was sure would be voting.. might cancel out this advantage a smidge. I was wrong.

I voted NDP (who came in a far second I will add), whilst the rest of my town it seems, voted conservative. So when our dear conservative MP was elected.. all the votes that had gone to the second and third place candidates (which was at leas 15,000) were, for the lack of a better expression.. THROWN IN THE GARBAGE. See, even though the NDP did end up a fair second in the national results.. it was not my vote that contributed to this. It was in places like Quebec that did this. My vote was forgotten as soon as the conservative-voting people in my riding cancelled my vote out.

And so, a conservative majority was won. However, it is amusing to see that by popular vote, Harper’s majority was only, in fact, a rough 40% minority. With the NDP winning a strong opposition I might add. It is unfortunate that our First Past the Post system in Canada can change the results so drastically.

How does it make sense.. that Harper received a majority.. when only 40% of Canada’s population wanted him as our leader. In fact, 60% of Canada wanted anyone but┬áhim. I know someone who voted Green for that exact reason.

Canada needs to change it’s system, because this is the reason our voter turnout is so low. First-time voters like me get discouraged after one go. Because it isn’t a fair representation of Canada’s opinion.

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