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So there is this camera… and I WANT it. I’ve had my eye on it for ever and I’ve been jealous of the two people I know who have it. And I wish it wasn’t so damn expensive. I’m sure there will be no surprise when I tell you which one it is. There may even be some eye-rolling.

That’s right… the Canon Rebel Xs 10.1MP DSLR. ❤

I’ve always had a simple digital camera… which caused me to be always in awe of people who can take magnificent photos of the most insignificant things, and make them look so amazing. It’s all in the camera. Now all I need is $500-ish dollars. HAH! I’m a soon-to-be broke university student; as I just found out that ONE class is going to cost me $416. ONE CLASS!!!! So as of now… I have enough money saved up for… ONE CLASS. Wow.

Maybe I’ll just buy it with my scholarship money…

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