Midterms, movies, poetry, and halloween.

It is such a gorgeous day outside, and I don’t have to work or go to school, so I decided to bring all of my homework and spend the day outside at my favourite coffee shop. There’s something intellectually stimulating here that makes me want to read, listen to some chill music and maybe even write a blog post. Currently, I’m supposed to be studying for my Political science midterm that it tomorrow, but that’s not happening. So instead I’ll listen to some NeedtoBreathe, which is a fantastic band by the way, check them out. And those Salted Caramel Mochas are like insanely sweet heaven in a cup, yum.

So this semester I’m struggling with this Creative Writing class I’m taking. I took it for the fiction aspect, but realized too late that there are 3 parts to this course: fiction, poetry, and screenwriting. Fantastic. I have severe difficulties with poetry, I just end up sounding so cliche and corny. Always happens. So the first assignment of the poetry unit is to write a 20 line poem and I’m in pain.  Not that anyone cares about my poetry-handicappedess, but I enjoy complaining. I don’t even want to think about screenwriting.

But a silver lining, I’m seeing Ides of March tonight with some friends. Yay for Toonie Tuesday! Two bucks for a George Clooney/Ryan Gosling movie? Thank you movie gods.

Switching topics again, I’m feeling the strange desire to be edgier lately. I want a lip piercing, and more ear piercings. I think its just the high from my tattoo, but still…

And I got my halloween costume. No slutty halloween for me thank you very much. I’m going to be… a purple crayon! I have a Crayola dress, so excited.

I love fall, I need to have more days like these. Chilly air, sunshine, coffee, and music. And I keep thinking about my tattoo, so happy with it. I want another one.


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