Political Frustration

This morning, as I was attempting to complete my Political Science course homework, I came across this test I had forgotten about. In high school, I remember having to do this little test, to show us all where we would fall on the political left/right “compass”. Back then, the test was difficult for me, and I had a hard time understanding the complex questions. But today, after only a month of taking this course in University, I found that I understood almost all of the questions completely.

I ended up on the bottom left of the graph. Making me a Left Libertarian, comparable to Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, and The Dalai Lama. As I looked closer, I saw that many other famous political figures had taken the test as well. One of which was Stephen Harper, and here is where my frustration begins. You see, while I was on the bottom left of a four-piece square graph (whatever those are called), Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, was on the top right. I’m sorry, but this man is running the country? He is my complete opposite, and I don’t think of myself as an unusual youth-voter. And if i were to go back and redo that test, while answering the exact opposite to my own answers, I would most likely come up with some answers that were comparable to his. I would end up with a man against abortion, one who wants religion to be taught in schools, one who agrees with discipline as the most important lesson to be taught to children, and to spank them if need be. He would be choosing illegal military activity if it was for “the good of the people”, and he would rather gay people be unable to marry, and unable to legally adopt. Stephen Harper would agree that some races are more “superior” and “civilised”, and that separate races should stick to their own groups. I am ashamed that this man is representing my country.

I would love to see how everyone compares.. please take the test and leave a comment!











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