Usually I am a very responsible teenager. I don’t do reckless things. I have always liked school. I have always wanted to go to university, get a job, and settle down.

Until today apparently. While at the book store I work in, I was sorting through the travel section, and was overcome with an overwhelming urge to run to the nearby airport and hop on a plane. I was quite frantic really, which may have been due to the single cup of coffee surging through my unusually small body.

I felt like I was having an “early”-life crisis! I’m too young to go to school so early and spend  minimum of 4 years there, then get a job, and then settle down, get married, and have kids. I know i’m exaggerating a tad, but where, in all of that, can a person find a time to travel amongst student loans, moving out, and starting a new job??

And so, all day my thoughts were focused on the possibility of going away. Europe crossed my mind, then Australia, and finally. Newfoundland. You see, I want to go away on more than just a trip. I need to get out of British Columbia for more than just a week or a month.

I was thinking 6 months actually.

I was thinking: buy a ticket, and just go. Get a job and an apartment when I get there and just live there for as long as I could before I went broke. Which I’m sure would happen eventually. What’s the worst that could happen? I actually might LOVE it? That beautiful coastline, the tiny towns, the friendliness of St. Johns. I want to live in the middle of a place like that. Buy a cheap bike when I get there and just enjoy figuring everything out on my own. I’m not sure what I think of this new adventurousness I’m displaying. I always thought of myself as free-spirited, but even this is new territory for me.

I would love for my boyfriend to come and experience this with me, but I think he might be hard to convince. He’s more of a home-body than I am. He wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I would. But his spontaneity surprises me some times, you never know.

What’s better than a Canadian, English-speaking city; minutes from the beach, kilometres from small towns, and close to towering cliffs over the ocean?


One thought on “Newfoundland

  1. It is not, how much you know…It is making the best use of what you know !

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