The end of harry

The last Harry Potter film is released tonight at midnight. Although I will always love the books more than the movies.. this really is the very last thing we’ve been waiting for. After tonight, it’s all over and we will have nothing else to wait for or look forward to! So sad! I’ve been reading the books since grade 2. Now, going into University in a few months; it feels like it’s been a part of my whole life. I grew up with Harry Potter. The books are the reason I started reading so long ago, and the reason I still love reading now. It’s probaby the reason why  work in a bookstore.

Every couple years I break out the series and read them straight through. They never get old. I might have to do that this summer, to keep Harry going. I know my friends are all talking about a movie marathon. And there’s still that musical to watch..

Still, you can guarantee I’ll be in tears by midnight when the movie starts..


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