such is the life of a soon-to-be university student..

I work 42 hours this week. Last week I worked 47. This may not seem like such an enormous deal to some, but add in the fact that there are no days off included in all of that time. My last day off was last Sunday. I will be working two whole weeks without a decent break. But I wanted this, right? Hopefully my paychecks will make up for my lack of a personal life!

Actually, I quit one of my jobs. Mostly because I hated it. Now, I will be spending all of my time at my original job, but split between two different stores. In September, when school starts, I will be at only the one store; I can’t wait.

Summer seems to have crept up on me. My trip to Alberta was amazing and unforgettable. And when we got back, it seemed to be the last week of June, and then Canada Day, and now the 8th of July! How did this happen! In less than a week, the final Harry Potter movie comes out. And I got midnight tickets!! I’m so excited. And then on the 19th, I take my driver’s test to get rid of my “N” and receive my full class 5 license. After that, it will soon be August, which means my birthday; my 19th to be exact. Only 27 days away, as my countdown widget tells me. I’m still trying to decide what to do, as my boyfriend will be out of town camping with family.

After my birthday, summer seems to fly by, and then… I’ll be in school! So soon! This summer, I hope I get to fill all those in-between days and afternoons off with trips to the lake and walks on the beach.


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