Holy!! I had no idea how busy June would be when it started! I worked all day today and now tonight I’m going to be up late doing laundry and packing because in the morning my boyfriend and I have to go out and buy all our snacks and get random stuff done in the morning. We have to load up his car too, because we’re spending the afternoon in Vancouver again for the final hockey game. And then early the next morning we LEAVE for our road trip! I’m so excited! I think I can drive his standard car well enough for the freeway, and the music is all done and ready to go! I just need to pack. My suitcase is sitting across the room for me and I don’t even know where to begin. I have a master packing list all set out beside me, but I’m so LAZY.

I feel so much better now that work is done for the week though. I need this vacation so badly. And i’m so excited for the drive as well, I just want to go to bed though and get all this crap done in the morning, but I really have to do laundry. And here I am rambling on about this. And I always have this problem where I pack WAY too many things that I will never use/wear… JUST in case. It’s ridiculous.

I need to figure out which books I’m taking as well. Which will be a lot because I’m never quite sure of what I’ll be wanting to read.I wish I had bought the new Kobo sooner, I could’ve brought a billion books on that! Darn. I’m reading another Sarah Dessen book right now that I don’t remember from before. I also started “Still Alice” this morning. It’s so interesting, and it’s been a bestseller for so long that I have to see what the hype is all about. I’m also bringing my journal, and not my laptop. I feel like I need to be writing more. Schools just around the corner in Septmeber and I have that creative writing class and I just really need to get back into the swing of things.

Okay thats it! Laundry time! Go Canucks Go!


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