My day started at 5:30 am, when I woke up with some fantastic tooth pain.

Since my wisdom teeth surgery last Wednesday, my jaw had started to hurt more and more intensely every day; painkillers like advil and tylenol stopped working. Eventually I got out of bed and got my dad to take me to the emergency room where, NOT to my suprise, they told me I needed antibiotics and Tylenol 3s. SUPER! Seeing as I was supposed to work 11-5 today, but could no longer drive because of the drowsiness effects of the painkillers, I am now sitting at home, writing this, and obsessing about the many other things in my life.

Numero 1. I do not have enough money to take this time off work

Numba 2. I WANT to be working and making money instead of sitting home on the couch feeling brain-dead from the drugs I am now packed full of.

THREE. I HATE taking all these prescription meds, because they all interfere with one another and mess me up.

4. I’m absolutely starving. I think I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last few days from LACK OF SOLID FOOD.

AND five. I have way too many things going on this month. I once heard an expression that made me laugh quite loudly in the middle of work one day. I think I’ll use it: June is bat-shit crazy.


I want June 16th so it can be my road trip vacation:( I need some serious down-time.


One thought on “Stress

  1. estherlou says:

    Great description! When you feel like you have hit the bottom…it can only get better! Hang in there!

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