Bad Habits

I have many bad habits. I know this.

My first one is that I change the theme on this blog (and my laptop background) way too often. I also bite my nails, nag, and whine. I forget to clean up after myself, I space out on plans, and I am terrible at keeping in touch with people. I expect a lot from some people, and I don’t always say thank-you in return. I can be extremely lazy when it comes to work; but never with school. I cannot read someone else’s writing without spell-checking it and correcting it. I am extremely critical of my hair, I cry too easily, and I get overly upset when I feel like I have missed out on something. Sometimes I am too responsible, and sometimes not enough. I make too many plans for one day’s worth of time; I also make a lot of plans and then regret making them. I laugh at inappropriate moments, I don’t cry at sad things, and I can be a total hypocrite sometimes. I change my mind about what I want every hour, and I sometimes assume people can read my mind. At the same time, I suck at knowing what other people are thinking. Sometimes I am too supportive of people that I suffocate them; I also over-think everything.

The funny thing is, I like all these things about myself most of the time:)


4 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. joellamorgan says:

    My Goodness… you just described me. ;0) Especially the Editing whenever I read. I even do that to Published books (it drives me crazy when I find mistakes in a published book!)

    • Michelle says:

      It’s so bad! I’m not even allowed to read over my sister’s school assignments anymore because I mark the whole thing up with red pen!

  2. Lissa Masters says:

    You are also funny and entertaining…so many things to like. 😀 L

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