WHY is registering for University classes so damn stressful and complicated?? Is this part of the test? When I log on to my school’s website on the 7th at 2pm, will a message pop up on the screen saying “HAH HAH we made you spend 6 hours of your sunny day off pouring over the CONFUSING AS HELL school calendar” Because honestly, I have spent hours doing this. I want to register for a course, but its at the same time as another one, and that teacher is better, but I NEED the other course. Jesus. I bet school will be easier than this.


4 thoughts on “University

  1. Michelle says:

    I wish I hated school. But it’s an unfortunate problem I was born with… I LOVE it. They just make it so damn complicated!
    By the way, you’re the first person to leave a comment:) Which makes me feel better knowing someone is at least reading this! haha!

  2. Harnew says:

    No. I like learning. I just hate the strictness of school

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