Road Trip Music

With just under two weeks to go until my roadtrip to Alberta… I finally got the music put together for the trip. 10 hour drive, one-way, with 6 hours of music spaced out onto 6 different mix CDs. Got some Train, Lady Gaga, NeedtoBreathe, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Black Eyed Peas. Random, but each song has some significance. My boyfriend and I always sing in the car while we drive. And that 6 hours of music seems to remind me of so many milestones we’ve passed already. Theres songs we screamed out while driving around last summer, songs we danced to at prom, songs we laughed as we messed up the lyrics over and over, and songs that we just listened to in silence as we drove on quiet night.

I have to say, the most worthy CD in the collection would be NeedtoBreathe’s album, The Heat. This mix is fantastic: mellow; chill-out music, combined with some upbeat driving tracks.. I’m looking forward to driving through the Rockies with this playing in the background. The boyfriend may not know the songs yet, but after 10 hours… Oh he will.



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