Classes, Classes, Classes

Guess what I just spent my entire day obsessing over.

Yup. Classes registration.

What a waste of time. I have now narrowed it down to a creative writing class, an Introduction to Politics class, and an academic writing class. All 3 don’t sound fantastic. But there is honestly no other options.

I also just got my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago, and my mouth still aches like a sonofabitch and I look like a chip munk. Not to mention that the hockey game is on, so the entire day has been one long obsession with random shit. I am so exhausted.

You know what else I get to do today? Practice driving a standard. Because, you know, I enjoy embarrassing myself at intersections when I stall twice in a row and then have to let my boyfriend take over. Oh wait, that happened yesterday. HAH!



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