Deathly Hallows Part 2

I have been a die-hard Harry Potter fan since… grade 2? I believe that by grade 3 I was reading the Prisoner of Azkaban by myself… for the second time. I love the characters, the story, the bravery, and the love that J.K. Rowling puts into her writing. Each and every time I read the series, I become swept up in it. I usually read them all straight through, and I literally can’t put them down. I end up messing up my sleep schedule because I stay up so late at night, trying to finish just one more chapter.

Anyways, I love the movies as well. I know they miss out on some key parts some times, but I don’t care. There’s nothing better than seeing your favourite characters come to life on the movie screen. I think sometimes I imagine my whole life as a movie; with a soundtrack, and a script…

Of course, I will never  love the movies as much as the books… But it’s exciting to see the new movie coming out on July 19th! For all the other movies except Hallows Part 1, I’ve been there opening night, or day. But somehow I would just rather wait a few days so that I can get a good seat and enjoy it… after all, It is the last one. I feel like Harry has been part of my whole generation growing up. From second grade until after high school. And after this movie comes out, what will I have to look forward to! No more Harry! I’m going to cry in that movie, I know it.


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