Road Trip!

I have devoted an entire year off from school to “work”, “travel” and to “figure out what the hell I’m doing”. Well I’ve checked off one of those so far. Work. And I never thought I’d get to actually go away anywhere, but in some strange turn of events…I planned an entire vacation in a span of 24 hours!

My boyfriend and I are going on a ROADTRIP to ALBERTA later on in June! My aunt has a condo we’re able to stay at for free, so all we’re paying for is the drive, and food once we get there.

I am so excited for this trip for so many reasons:

Number 1, it will be our first “trip” together; camping for 3 days last year doesn’t count.

Number 2, I have wanted to go on a road trip for my entire life. Listening to music, watching the highway signs go by, taking endless pictures, and singing loudly with the windows down? Dream Come TRUE!

Number 3, We are going to ALBERTA. Doesn’t sound very exciting? Let me rephrase. We are both EIGHTEEN and going to ALBERTA. Helloo lower drinking age!

Number 4, We will have the entire condo to ourselves. Finally a week away together with privacy and without parents hovering around. We’re going to feel so old


Number 5, the condo is so gorgeous. A pool, hot tub, hiking trails nearby, small town. Perfect Getaway.


I can hardly wait. We’re making playlists and teaching me how to drive his standard car so that we can split the drive.

This year off has been so worth it!


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