As soon as I saw this book on the Indigo Blog, I knew I was going to buy it. Teen book, check. Intense cover, check. First-time author, CHECK. Dystopian theme, check check check! These kinds of books are my favorites. After beginning my obsession with them with The Hunger Games, I read Delirium, Wither, and finally, Divergent.

This book is the story of Trice, an ordinary girl from a futuristic time where the government has determined that people be sorted into different “factions” based on their most important values in life. There are such factions like Dauntless, the brave; Amity, the peaceful; Abegnation, the selfless; and so on. Trice is born into an Abegnation family. She has learned to live to make others comfortable and happy, and she does not question things, or even look at herself in the mirror. She must wear grey, common clothing, and blend in at all times. She is living her life, essentially, to perform selfless acts for others.

When people turn 16 in this world, they must undergo a procedure which tests their brains by allowing to choose how to handle different situations; eventually narrowing down their choices to show which faction they would be best suited for. Then, at the choosing ceremony, they must decide what to do. Leave their families, or change factions. When Trice undergoes the test, she finds out that she belongs to none of the factions from which she can choose. She is, in fact, Divergent. In her world, this is dangerous. The government wants no one to stand out, and she must keep her secret if she wishes to keep her life. Trice must make the most difficult decision of her life, choose her family and live unhappily in a faction she knew she has never been meant for, or choose to follow a completely unknown path, alone.

This book blew me away, Veronica Roth is a spectacular writer and I was surprised to find that I was sucked into Trice’s world even faster than I was pulled into Katniss’ world in The Hunger Games. Trice is strong, but unsure of herself. I really could see how people could easily connect to her. The world Roth creates is vivid, and although farfetched…detailed enough to be believable.

The best part? It’s the first of a series.


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