Season finales

Wow, I don’t care how lame this is… I love One Tree Hill. I have been a fan for a couple of years now, and I LOVE everything about it: the small town setting, the close friendships, the adorable relationships. This show is definitely my favorite.

Tonight was the season finale.

Problem: No one knows if this will be the show’s last season or not!! So of course, one classic sappy heartbreaking episode later… I’m sobbing! (And laughing at myself)

I understand that shows need to know when to end, of course. And I actually agree that OTH should probably start packing up… but nothing is worse than not knowing your show will be cancelled until beginning of the next year. So I say ONE more season, but TELL us it’s the last season. That way we can be all sad next year, but actually enjoy it while it’s still on.

Not like my opinion counts or anything… but it’s worth a shot!


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