decisions, decisions..

I just found out my registration date for University classes next fall is coming up. So naturally, I have spent the past two evenings scouring the University website, attempting to decipher all the schedules, terms, and 24-hour class times. I’ve got it narrowed down now I think; the real stress will begin when the actual registration date comes along and I start worrying that I’ll be wait-listed for some classes I really want. Like the ONE creative writing class, and the ONE political science class. ONE?! This is first-year university, people! The one thing on all our minds is trying to experience everything and take classes we usually wouldn’t because we want to take a general sample of everything there is to offer! Well at least.. I do.

As always, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to school. I’m so excited to get to pick out all my courses; I can hardly wait.

What a LOSER!

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