Look who you voted for, Canada!

When I read this out to my dad.. a strange expression appeared on his face. And then he asked (worriedly) “really?, I didn’t know what”

Well, this is why I really wish that people would research who they vote for before they do it. Instead of just voting for the guy who “looks right” for the job, or for the party they’ve always voted for.

First, a quote:

“The Alliance Church to which Harper has belonged for decades, believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth in an apocalypse, won’t ordain women, strongly opposes abortion and divorce, condemns homosexuality as the most base of sins and believes those who aren’t born-again are ‘lost'”

And now, the article to prove it:


After all of that.. I hope you are as disappointed as I am. I thought Canadian people were different. I thought we wanted change.

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